Meeting Minutes 19.10.2020

Topics covered:

• Halloween (30/10): costume restrictions – mask can’t be covered by costume, no dangerous props, nothing offensive

• Sports (swimming): wet hair – let students use dryers (or close windows)

• Health: mental health – develop kind/antibullying day/week nutrition – add health/nutrition/eating habits to the syllabus

• No peer mediation this year

• Sex education: should be improved, especially in s.5, 6, 7 – shouldn’t depend on the teacher (not as important in lower grades)

• School hoodies: printify – eco-friendly hoody costs 40€ (too much), different hoody from Germany = eco-friendly (cheaper) school logo – new logo again this year (keeping last year’s logo for second year), deadline for submitting new logo = 18/11 (after 1-week hols) voting system – 1. vote for top five 2. vote for favorite from top 5 – need a new platform

• Keep hoodies available all year? Yes

• gaming: need to get the Discord, Minecraft, and Among Us servers up and running

• Lux 1 way ahead of us (very bad)

• school buses: only for primary and s1? + don’t show up on Thursday + Friday at 4:30


Meeting Minutes 13.10.2020

-There will be weekly meetings with the director (conseil members)

– Peter – health and security system:

Close windows in classrooms (wet hair after gym/swimming)?

Maybe open more doors/gates and close others.

-Gym classes: Specific amount of people in changing rooms- 5 minutes to change.

-Lux 1 installed solar panels, we should try to install some too.

-replace vending machines with plastic bottles – water fountains??


Halloween Costume competition:

1st: 50 euros, School hoodie, school bottle.

2nd: School hoodie.

3rd: School bottle…– candy-.

Competition voting via Instagram story.

-More hoodie color options:

Students choose color or there will be just every possible one the manufacturer sells.

Students pay directly from this website.


Meeting Minutes 05.10.2020

-Sports organization/team? Games against other schools?

-CoSup meeting: what they discussed.

Mental health measures. <Psychologists, more trust.

-Raise money for eco budgets.

-President talked with Mr. O’ Coimin: No meetings in school.

-Corona measures< : Only obligatory thing is mask. Everything else is the teacher’s choice.

-Make sure teachers wear their masks. If they never do so you can inform Mrs. Soekov

-Try to promote peer mediation more.

-We will vote for when to take the pc photo.

-Dress to the theme days/weeks (Halloween, Christmas..)

-Should we sell masks with the school logo??


Meeting Minutes 02.03.2020

• PC members of the month announced – Sarah and Christos
• Euronight is still happening – Luxembourg is not a danger zone for Corona virus yet, but schools that are in danger zones should not go
• The tickets from people that cannot go due to the virus or they’re exchanging for VIP are getting resold
• PC movie – members of the PC that are participating have to reread their lines and correct if necessary
• Discussing hoodies for the PC hoodies
• Discussion about the school evaluating meeting – wifi should be improved, harmonisation should be improved, not enough corporation between sections, communication in school should be improved
• Electoral board – will be done on 20th, 21st or 23rd of April
• Hoodies will be given out this week and/or next week
• Prom will happen somewhat in march or april


Meeting Minutes 24.02.2020

PC Minutes for 24/02/2020
Football tournament (planned to be on 28/03/2020)
• Looking for people to play on the girl’s and boy’s teams
o Selection of players?
• Pitch still not ensured
• Hoodies have arrived
o 12 boxes
• Different stands for every color/ color per stand
• Ordering 400 croissants from Paul
• Orange juice
• Theme (Disco & 70s) and potential activities related to it
o Competition to win something (free drink? Best costume?)
o Dance circle
o Champagne
o Key hunt
• Form needs to be signed 16+ (don’t forget authorization from your commune if you’re 16)
• Alumni can buy tickets
• Ex-European School students can too buy tickets
• New food coming out
• New salad bar
• New humus bar
S4 – S5
• Paintball cannot happen because of a limited capacity


Meeting Minutes 03.02.2020

  • Meeting with Lux 1 Leisure 04/02
  • Rose delivery 14/02
  • S4/S5 event possible venue has been found.
  • Ticket sales for the S1-S3 disco start on Thursday 6/02
  • S1-S3 Valentine’s Disco on the 13/02
  • Prom unfortunately can’t be held in the school.
  • Euronight forms are now available on our website.
  • Possible football tournament
  • Euronight will also possibly have catering at the end of the event.
  • S6 Compos in Geo and History have turned out to be Soekov’s decision and not an order from Brussels.

Meeting Minutes 27.01.2020

  • Admin Meeting discussed (besides finances):  
  • Chinese foreign exchange students have left 
  • The English section will continue functioning according to the status quo until 2021 
  • (Though this may be upset during transition period) 
  • A new road is being built connecting Route d’Arlon to the school. Only for buses. 
  • They found roman ruins beside the bridge which they need to excavate 
  • Do we need any more bike shelters? 
  • Czech section can happen 
  • Though it is uncertain 
  • Brazil volleyball team received €4500 from the director 
  • Ideas or suggestions to work on with parents 
  • Salting the roads 
  • Being more sustainable 
  • Grass hockey pitch 
  • S1-S3 Disco 13th February: Valentines Theme 
  • Euronight theme: Disco 

Meeting Minutes 20.01.2020

  • Disco for S1 – S3 – not sure about the date yet – no reply  about having the disco on the 13th yet
  • Waiting for confirmation for the prom to be on the 7th of February
  • Discussion where to have the prom
  • Discussing how to do the secret delivery for valentines day
  • Upcoming meeting with APPELL – with our vice president and a member from the conseil
  • Hoodie sales- 255 hoodies bought
  • PC dinner – try booking Onesto
  • CoSup meeting on the 8th of February in our school

Meeting Minutes 13.01.2020

  • S1-S3 Disco 
  • Most likely to be on the 13th (Feb.) though not confirmed 
  • Rose sale 
  • Currently on the 14th though being rearranged to be on the 13th (Feb.) 
  • Secret delivery done by the PC 
  • Bottle and Hoodie sales 
  • Advertising by the administration 
  • Canteen meeting 
  • On the 13th (Jan.) 
  • School inspector meeting 
  • Guess the student – PR 
  • Personalizing PR with videos and pictures – Guess the section / etc. 
  • Upcoming meeting on school finance 
  • Czech section? 
  • Hungary does not accept the European Baccalaureate anymore – information meeting? 
  • Putting shampoo in the showers   

Class Rep Meeting 07.01.2020

  • Hoodie, bottles sale is available on the website. Hoodie Sale ends on Friday the 17th of January, for Bottle Sale ends on the 31st. They will be given out once they have arrived. PC website: (
  • New canteen section of the website, students can now send complaints about food and other things, they can even add pictures. If possible please visit the site in class in front of your classmates
  • A question raised by student- Can any email be used to send complaints?  Yes.
  • Rose sales will take place Feb 14th
  • Each class rep has to make a list with the names of students who want to buy roses and how many from their class. Please collect the exact amount of money (1,50€ per rose) and give it with the list to Mme. Di Salvatore in room A004 or Mme Tonelli B011.
  • Secret delivery: +0.50 euro and cost for roses. Roses will be distributed by PC members
  • PC will stand in front of the screen at some point to receive orders for secret delivery in 20 min break. The sheet will ask for the recipient’s name, class and which period it should be given, etc. (More info coming soon.)
  • Vandalism- we encouraged students to report if they see anything. Bathrooms and Sofas aren’t repaired/replaced and are always destroyed.
  • Ecosia- What is it? Available on all students’ desktops, spread word about it. Encouraged students to use it.
  • The new canteen meeting is soon. Meeting with Frithiofson and Soekov went generally well, plastic bottles might be removed from vending machines. Questions from the previous meeting couldn’t be answered since the motion to get answers was started too late.
  • Please remind your classmates that they can send suggestions either on the website, social media or letterbox, or just talk to any PC member
  • All EU schools will strike February 10th but more info coming on that soon, discussion with CoSup. Brussels press and media have been informed and are willing to write about it.
  • Physics 2 and Chemistry 2 might be introduced.  (S6-S7)
  • Euronight- In Lux, March 7th, 16+ party held every year organized by CoSup.
  • Students who are 16 will have to sign two forms, like last year, but this time the club will also ask for a copy of alcohol.
  • Only ID or passport. NO SCHOOL CARD.
  • S1-3 disco to be held soon for valentine’s day. Students were asked what date they would prefer. (Options were: 7th, 13th or 14th of February) Poll on Instagram
  • Prom for S4-5. Friday 7th of February, if allowed by administration.
  • ZERO alcohol or smoking. Students were warned about the consequences of breaking rules.
  • What to do with PC money??
  • Charity? Australia etc. Pay for new sofas? Popcorn or gum machine? Introduce more science or programming equipment? Create a free party?
  • Questions raised by students.