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Meeting Minutes 12.10.2023

Disco issues (communication issues, postponed)


Introductory speech

16+ party discussion

Halloween spirit day 

Cosup meeting debrief 

D55 election rules

Further digitalisation byod

Possible work experience in s6

More advanced subjects 

General science course 

Criss cross courses

CoSUP gaming promotion + Pietro or Dimitris CoSUP gaming rep 

Harmonised well being week

BAC inspector subject still to be looked into 

Pupils’ Voice ask if they want to be the 13 stars newspaper 

Euronight – head of chair Ella Aikala

  • march preferably after Eurosport 
  • LuxExpo being emailed 


Pres. ishan and vp. Aimee

Eco tuesday: loads of fun and etc workshops. + movie night for those who have gone to the event 


1 Free drink each