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Meeting Minutes 26.10.2023


 Our school gets most tickets (closest to Lux) 

 Leisure has a specific group taking care of it 

 Lux2 gets a lot less profit (?!) 


 Need to go to BBC to finalise the contract + DJ set etc.. (16+) 

 Ask if students are ready to wear Halloween stuff etc… (16+) 

 PR pumpkins 9pm 

 S1-3 tickets start being sold Tuesday after b2s 

 education counsel : changing of number of periods s4/s5s compos

   eurosport : want an orchestra and some games will be played at josie bartel but only for european schools students

   options for s6,7 if you want to change it’s by june 1st (will be explained more in details)

   students shouldn’t come to school with their cars (they don’t actually have power over it, they just would rather avoid it)

   talk to classreps about bathroom issues

   school therapists want to attend our meetings and have new workshops