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Meeting Minutes 09.11.2023

Pc meeting – 9/11/23

 Camelia new COSUP rep, Carlotta Leisure member 

 Order drinks for the party + mojitos 

 Free drink (S1-3) 

 Orange bracelets for the 16+ party 

 Staff: Amalie, Bruno, Peter, Yann, Pietro, Carlotta, aimée, Ishan Freya, Shani – be there at 7:30 

 (Contact SG and Nella )

 Other schools are invited (isl and Vauban) as +1 (through the Lux1&2 students) or as box office for 16€ 

 Hoodie competition; Mrs. DiSalvatore asks about provider from India 

 25th November CoSup meeting 

 PR: Fitchecks n videos etc from the 16+ party – Post about the 2€ Cloakroom 

 School Cleanliness 

 Photobooth payed 1-3