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Meeting Minutes 30.03.2023

Conseil Meeting

  • 10th Anniversary Merchandise Released
  • Bottles possibly coming
  • 10th anniversary festivities program will be released tomorrow

Wall project in preparation

We’re suing Sebastian


  • After easter we get ice cream.
  • Sushi
  • Less fries

We got an offer for our own professional photobooth Cost about 1800-2300 Euros

Teachers absences in September

Water fountains in September

Library Meeting on 4th of May

Promote Libraries Website

Pink Day

S4 to S5 Party

  • Le Palace
  • Affordable
  • We could sell around 450 tickets
  • Could last until 23:00
  • Price around 4500 Euros

Last 16+ Event

  • 21st of April
  • Looking for Venues (maybe Schapp)
  • Encore/Chouchou possibility
  • Schapp as last resort

S1-S3 Disco

  • Monday 8th of May
  • Barbecue
  • Possible earlier start time before 19:00

Internal Statutes

  • Need to be amended to the 2019 D55 version 4