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Meeting Minutes 08.01.2024


 S4/5 party 

 1st March 2024 

 (See contract)


 Document should be read and understood properly by Pupils’ Committee and Electoral Board 

 ISSUES encountered: 

  Too many ppl – impossible

  Online voting: not wanted 

  Social media (option as was EEB2) does not make it available to others 



Teacher shows a video made by the candidate during class and each student gets to vote – We would like all candidates to make a speech in front of students still tho

 METHOD 2: Class reps make a summary/recite of the speech made by all candidates and then the students individually vote in class – RISKY in case biased students 


 Filmed after school day, students will vote online thanks to app or website 

Not good because it’s too complicated for student’s timetables + will not be doing app or website as it is too complicated 


 Candidates present as usual in general assembly in front of Class reps // Filmed with very good quality Audio AND Visual for fairness // Voting online for extra students via online form 


 A voting Cabin over the course of the day, we could really make it important and a big event (could mix the two ideas together) 


 Yann has met a printer // a good idea as we have someone to talk in person to + free samples

 PUPILS’ COM: Do we arrange it by print on demand or bulk ? 

 What if we mixed the two together, on demand AND in person sales 

 Votes have until NEXT MONDAY (15/1/24)


 • Seven Volunteers of the Pupils’ Com “represent” one year each 

 TEAMS for each class reps 

 Will bring us closer to the years and feels more personal 

Project Imagine, Kenya presentation to be talked about next week. 

Cinema morning to be brought up, next week.