Meeting Minutes 19.10.2020

Topics covered:

• Halloween (30/10): costume restrictions – mask can’t be covered by costume, no dangerous props, nothing offensive

• Sports (swimming): wet hair – let students use dryers (or close windows)

• Health: mental health – develop kind/antibullying day/week nutrition – add health/nutrition/eating habits to the syllabus

• No peer mediation this year

• Sex education: should be improved, especially in s.5, 6, 7 – shouldn’t depend on the teacher (not as important in lower grades)

• School hoodies: printify – eco-friendly hoody costs 40€ (too much), different hoody from Germany = eco-friendly (cheaper) school logo – new logo again this year (keeping last year’s logo for second year), deadline for submitting new logo = 18/11 (after 1-week hols) voting system – 1. vote for top five 2. vote for favorite from top 5 – need a new platform

• Keep hoodies available all year? Yes

• gaming: need to get the Discord, Minecraft, and Among Us servers up and running

• Lux 1 way ahead of us (very bad)

• school buses: only for primary and s1? + don’t show up on Thursday + Friday at 4:30


Meeting Minutes 13.10.2020

-There will be weekly meetings with the director (conseil members)

– Peter – health and security system:

Close windows in classrooms (wet hair after gym/swimming)?

Maybe open more doors/gates and close others.

-Gym classes: Specific amount of people in changing rooms- 5 minutes to change.

-Lux 1 installed solar panels, we should try to install some too.

-replace vending machines with plastic bottles – water fountains??


Halloween Costume competition:

1st: 50 euros, School hoodie, school bottle.

2nd: School hoodie.

3rd: School bottle…– candy-.

Competition voting via Instagram story.

-More hoodie color options:

Students choose color or there will be just every possible one the manufacturer sells.

Students pay directly from this website.


Meeting Minutes 05.10.2020

-Sports organization/team? Games against other schools?

-CoSup meeting: what they discussed.

Mental health measures. <Psychologists, more trust.

-Raise money for eco budgets.

-President talked with Mr. O’ Coimin: No meetings in school.

-Corona measures< : Only obligatory thing is mask. Everything else is the teacher’s choice.

-Make sure teachers wear their masks. If they never do so you can inform Mrs. Soekov

-Try to promote peer mediation more.

-We will vote for when to take the pc photo.

-Dress to the theme days/weeks (Halloween, Christmas..)

-Should we sell masks with the school logo??


Meeting Minutes 02.03.2020

• PC members of the month announced – Sarah and Christos
• Euronight is still happening – Luxembourg is not a danger zone for Corona virus yet, but schools that are in danger zones should not go
• The tickets from people that cannot go due to the virus or they’re exchanging for VIP are getting resold
• PC movie – members of the PC that are participating have to reread their lines and correct if necessary
• Discussing hoodies for the PC hoodies
• Discussion about the school evaluating meeting – wifi should be improved, harmonisation should be improved, not enough corporation between sections, communication in school should be improved
• Electoral board – will be done on 20th, 21st or 23rd of April
• Hoodies will be given out this week and/or next week
• Prom will happen somewhat in march or april


Meeting Minutes 24.02.2020

PC Minutes for 24/02/2020
Football tournament (planned to be on 28/03/2020)
• Looking for people to play on the girl’s and boy’s teams
o Selection of players?
• Pitch still not ensured
• Hoodies have arrived
o 12 boxes
• Different stands for every color/ color per stand
• Ordering 400 croissants from Paul
• Orange juice
• Theme (Disco & 70s) and potential activities related to it
o Competition to win something (free drink? Best costume?)
o Dance circle
o Champagne
o Key hunt
• Form needs to be signed 16+ (don’t forget authorization from your commune if you’re 16)
• Alumni can buy tickets
• Ex-European School students can too buy tickets
• New food coming out
• New salad bar
• New humus bar
S4 – S5
• Paintball cannot happen because of a limited capacity


Meeting Minutes 03.02.2020

  • Meeting with Lux 1 Leisure 04/02
  • Rose delivery 14/02
  • S4/S5 event possible venue has been found.
  • Ticket sales for the S1-S3 disco start on Thursday 6/02
  • S1-S3 Valentine’s Disco on the 13/02
  • Prom unfortunately can’t be held in the school.
  • Euronight forms are now available on our website.
  • Possible football tournament
  • Euronight will also possibly have catering at the end of the event.
  • S6 Compos in Geo and History have turned out to be Soekov’s decision and not an order from Brussels.

Meeting Minutes 27.01.2020

  • Admin Meeting discussed (besides finances):  
  • Chinese foreign exchange students have left 
  • The English section will continue functioning according to the status quo until 2021 
  • (Though this may be upset during transition period) 
  • A new road is being built connecting Route d’Arlon to the school. Only for buses. 
  • They found roman ruins beside the bridge which they need to excavate 
  • Do we need any more bike shelters? 
  • Czech section can happen 
  • Though it is uncertain 
  • Brazil volleyball team received €4500 from the director 
  • Ideas or suggestions to work on with parents 
  • Salting the roads 
  • Being more sustainable 
  • Grass hockey pitch 
  • S1-S3 Disco 13th February: Valentines Theme 
  • Euronight theme: Disco 

Meeting Minutes 20.01.2020

  • Disco for S1 – S3 – not sure about the date yet – no reply  about having the disco on the 13th yet
  • Waiting for confirmation for the prom to be on the 7th of February
  • Discussion where to have the prom
  • Discussing how to do the secret delivery for valentines day
  • Upcoming meeting with APPELL – with our vice president and a member from the conseil
  • Hoodie sales- 255 hoodies bought
  • PC dinner – try booking Onesto
  • CoSup meeting on the 8th of February in our school

Meeting Minutes 13.01.2020

  • S1-S3 Disco 
  • Most likely to be on the 13th (Feb.) though not confirmed 
  • Rose sale 
  • Currently on the 14th though being rearranged to be on the 13th (Feb.) 
  • Secret delivery done by the PC 
  • Bottle and Hoodie sales 
  • Advertising by the administration 
  • Canteen meeting 
  • On the 13th (Jan.) 
  • School inspector meeting 
  • Guess the student – PR 
  • Personalizing PR with videos and pictures – Guess the section / etc. 
  • Upcoming meeting on school finance 
  • Czech section? 
  • Hungary does not accept the European Baccalaureate anymore – information meeting? 
  • Putting shampoo in the showers   

Meeting Minutes 06.01.2020

  • We’ll get the final response for the S4/S5 Prom this week
  • Admin meeting before the holidays

Mr. Frithiofson has sent the email too late and most of the propositions won’t be in effect soon: Clothes hangers in the boy’s bathrooms, the water bottle vending machines might be removed soon, Ecosia is now available on every desktop and Eco Week will take place February

  • Class Rep Meeting 07/01/2020
  • School bottles are now being sold! Plastic bottles for 7.50 and glass bottles for 11
  • More books available