Meeting Minutes 02.12.2019

  • Hoodie 
  • Colour 
  • Light pink or orange 
  • Price 
  • 25€? maybe 
  • Bottles 
  • School bottle (free?) 
  • Upcoming meeting with global issues 
  • Potential giveaway for tickets to events and merchandise 
  • Balls 
  • Make Conseillées give out more balls / make getting them easier 
  • Buy balls? 
  • CoSup meeting 
  • All European Schools-wide newspaper? 
  • Mental-health check alongside the health check? 
  • You can access past BAC exams through the website bacman. 
  • ICT-4 introduced as a subject in some schools. 
  • PE marking scale changing to be more acceptable  
  • Class-rep meeting Tuesday first week back. P6. 
  • 3 meetings with the administration 
  • Look for ideas to give 

Meeting Minutes 25.11.2019

  • Lorenz is voted in to the leisure committee – replacing Sophie 
  • 16+ Party – Naughty Christmas Melusina from 10 to 3 AM 
  • Pre-Sale Tickets cost 12€ 
  • Box Office Tickets cost 15€ 
  • Free shot for the first 200 People  
  • Bring ID 
  • Meeting w/ MClub about Euronight being on March 7th 
  • S4 and S5 Prom 
  • Asking for the help of the APEEEL2 
  • S1/S3 Disco 
  • CoSup Meeting Brussels: 
  • Question regarding S6 2P Winter Compos 
  • S6/S7 P.E. standards being too high 
  • Class Representative meeting needed 
  • PC and Global Issues collaboration on plastic bottles 
  • School Hoodies: 
  • Informative Posters coming Primary 
  • Payments for are going to be tracked by credit card 
  • Design #5 won the vote 
  • Colors: black, white etc. (potentially sand, light-blue, pink) 
  • Internal: 
  • Football Tournament¨ 
  • CS:GO Tournament 
  • 2017/18 pictures need to be printed 

Meeting Minutes 18.11.2019

  • Disco on the 15th went great
  • 16+ party on the 30th of November. Dress code: Red and white
  • S4-S5 event will require a lot of manpower but is manageable. Date TBD

We’ll be working with Lux 1 and currently trying to find a good location.

  • We’ve received the votes for the school hoodies and have narrowed the designs down to a Top 5
  • Hoodie sales will be expanded to the Primary
  • Conseil d’education  meeting  13/11/19

Hollenfels is cancelled for this year.

The administration is aiding an experiment where the S2s have their phones taken away for a day to test their psyche.

Merite Jeunese is back

The S2 trip has been shortened for a day

Possible Veloh station in the near future


Meeting Minutes 11.11.2019

  • Approving the new PC website that was just made- what to put up 
  • Educational meeting coming up for Conseil on Wednesday – about trips, classes, school events, curriculum  
  •  Discussing how to organise the S1-S3 disco – snacks, drinks, decoration 
  • Hoodie designs – we chose the 5 top to put up for voting 
  • S1-S3 disco – to already book rooms for next discos? 
  • Trying to make reusable bottles- uniting with global issues? 
  • Discussing the organisation of the 16+ party – to decorate, ticket prices… 
  • Putting someone in charge for the organisation of S4-S5 events 

Meeting Minutes 21.10.2019

Conseil Meeting:  

 water tanks 

more ecological school 

second hand sale books clothes 

new road built  

walls between showers 

Leisure Meeting 

29th soho or verso slutty Christmas ? 

Promotion if you bring 10 friends u get free dinks for the hole night 

S1-3 15th Neon November everyone dresses up in whiteà neon lamps 

S4 s5 event prom in sale des fete or chateau 

Bac party verso  

15 november verso free beer party bac 

8th soho retro 

Livestream with frithofsen ? 

Next week eco rep meeting 

Csgo turnament still in “construction” 

Hoddies logos are going to be voted on a webpage  

 Ban a student from events who insulted Pc on instargam and  in class?  


Livestream about vandalism people who mess up should also clean up 

People want do see results and blame it on the PC (even if it is actually the administrations fault)  


Meeting Minutes 14.10.2019

  • Class Rep Meeting  15/10 

School Hoodie Logo Competition 

Fair Trade 

Conseil d’Education meeting on Friday 

  • 22nd November 16+ party 

Discussed possible venues 

  • CoSup Bruxelles 12/10 

UK teachers won’t leave despite Brexit due to their contracts. 

Theatre to be a 2 period subject 

Euronight 7th of March in Luxembourg 

Host Country language as an L3 option 

No BAC on computers 

Harmonized class planning 

Possible climate strike for all the European School 

Chem 2 and Phy 2 as possible S6 and S7 subjects 


Meeting-Minutes 30.09.2019

  • Admin board meeting  25/09

EIB will compensate for the pay gap between the locally employed teachers and the ones sent by their country.

New role: Assistant deputy director

Brussels: Successful implementation of Chinese as S6-S7 subject. Potential subject for the Lux 2 School.

A new road planned towards the European School next to the bridge to reduce traffic. Currently in late phase planning.

  • Class Rep meeting still in Salle de fetes with all years before the holiday.  15th of October. Only the primary class rep can come. Anyone who comes past 10:30 isn’t excused from their lesson and cannot come to the meeting.
  • New proposition: Live chat with the class reps of S4 and S5 to develop an idea for the S4-S5 event. The proposition has been respectfully denied.  
  • ID check-ups at S1-S3 discos to prevent older years bringing in alcohol.
  • Meeting with Lux 1 (Leisure, 1 PR, 1 treasurer)
  • Donating old PC hoodies to the Red Cross
  • CoSup Meeting  (12th October)

Marking standards for Gym are considered too high

Written BAC should be able to be chosen as an oral

Issues with construction of curriculum (2p Bio but not 2p Chem)

  • Hollenfels trip cancelled for this year.
  • Auschwitz trip conflicts with the S6 trip since Poland is also a destination for an S6 trip this year
  • Group photo before PC meeting next week (7 /10/)