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Meeting Minutes 07.12.2023

16+ party

    ⁃ PROBLEM: we did not make profit out of the 16+ party –> some people got too many free drink tickets: +/- 160€ loss 

    ⁃ doesn’t rly make sense because everyone was working well and the bracelets were market well

    ⁃ we need to figure out a better system for free shots and ticket selling 


    ⁃ not a lot of profit

    ⁃ but so successful

    ⁃ we can post pictures with the classes but we should ask Sammut or O’Coimin if we need to make the parents give permission 


    ⁃ last day before the holidays

    ⁃ maybe give out candy canes (like we do with secret rose delivery on valentine’s day)


    ⁃ one colour per year spirit day (s1: red s2: pink s3: blue)

    ⁃ jersey day (before eurosport)

    ⁃ twin day

    ⁃ football tournament instead of basketball tournament this year

    ⁃ open air lux1 vs. lux2 (can be the final of the football tournament) –> ask O’Coimin or Sports Teachers (try and get both schools to be able to attend?)


    ⁃ we should post out tiktoks as reels on insta for people who don’t have tiktok

    ⁃ christmas video where everyone says merry christmas (wearing hats) and a video for new year which we will post on the days of


    ⁃ we can do it at shamrock infinity!! (irish pub)

    ⁃ sometime beginning of april (right after easter holidays)


    ⁃ probably the week after eurosport

    ⁃ probably not gonna be in luxembourg but no one’s gonna go if it’s not

    ⁃ frankfurt or brussels but FLOP because it’s 18+ everywhere but in Lux

    ⁃ if we want it to be in lux we NEED TO FIND A VENUE

    ⁃ good idea to get a sponsor (redbull / rosport / eldoradio / tango / post /

    ⁃ or another school (brussels) which can help pay and get some of the profit and get luxexpo

    ⁃ we could try and find a venue further from town or just rent a “room” and set everything ourselves thanks to amalie’s contact’s company

    ⁃ WE CAN MIX DEN ATELIER AND LE PALACE AND HAVE “two different parties” and we know croix rouge always watches

    ⁃ contact chouchou and vanity (elisabeth knows the owner of chouchou)


    ⁃ we have some designs but we need to promote them more because we need to start selling them by January


    ⁃ more active and PROFESSIONAL posts

    ⁃ and more often

    ⁃ romeo just posted a reminder about the hoodie and will post a reminder to wear purple and a reminder about cosup gaming

    ⁃ ex: santa lucia

    ⁃ story was very unprofessional and not taken seriously

    ⁃ people OUTSIDE of school found it “goofy”


    ⁃ meeting w them in January to explain eurosport, euronight etc.