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Meeting Minutes 22.02.2024

 React to staff message (+ David and Fin)

 Ticket sale starts tomorrow (reserve online and pay in cash) 

 Print consent forms 

 Decorations: chic decorations and communicate with Lux1 leisure 

 Discuss the profit split

 DJ: DJAlb1no for the whole night 

ticket sale: 

 No band bracelets at school anymore ( they are given at the party entry) 

 Ppl buying online get a ticket in email directly 

 Those who reserve come to us during the sale

 We write down their full name + amount of tickets (create a list basically) 

 List manually changed later by IT and they will get their electronic ticket later 


 Nicole’s idea (paper “ready for prom”) and throw it with cool transition – message will be sent on slack 


 Come two hours before 

 Pls stay if you say you can 

 Stick to your hours PLS

 SGs will have a meeting this weekend and prepare it 

Photobooth + Matthieu as photographer 

Prom king + Queen: 

 As usual (boxes during the night) 


 Meeting with Melu next Wednesday 5:30 


 Can start selling 

 All needs to be done is to change the hoodie on website 



 Cleanliness: Trash cans with “voting things” (like they do for the cigarettes)? Ask Sammut 


 Party on March 15th 

 PR: do a cute poster for Eurosport. + Spirit day Hosting especially 

 Asking if we can start recording the trainings for a fun edit 

 After school activities to have students make banners and stuff 

 Leisure: Monday come with a stand idea (+ kenya) 


 Monday 11th March 


 CoSup banner in the school 

 AOC to approve it 

 Yann currently signing Euronight busses 

 Maybe start selling next Monday Ticket 

 Ticket Sale = 45€ 

 Meeting on the 17th March 

 Canva membership payed by COSUP