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Meeting Minutes 12.11.2021

Meeting Minutes 

conseil meeting:  

  • second street work  starting day bac ceremony 
  • water fountain: states property has to approve/ no sure about water fountain  
  • train entrance: talk with staff/ guards and canteen  
  • food: meeting with canteen where we can taste thing!!! (black muffin/ice tea/ worms) 
  • canteen: open door=covid measure  
  • fem-hygiene: approved! add machine 
  • choose date for meeting with o’coimin for conseil (next tuesday) 

canteen meeting: tomorrow!! 

rose selling: friday before holidays  

cake sale: administration building (who is bringing something should dm chanelle) 

eco project: cake sale/ people bring old stuff=donate revenue to charity 

school hoodie: more people need to vote 

suggestions: tote bags/ crewnecks/ hoodies/ caps 

purple day: focus on christmas thing 


  • euronight(leisure):venue where we can do it —> neon/ hawaii/ movie character (fabric bracelets) 
  • 16+ events: covid situation is getting bad (theme=santa clausen) 
  • s4/s5 events: still looking for venues 


  • camera from bac 
  • starts filming on friday  
  • monday: lgbtq+ community (mrs dimmock) +   
  • interview mr ocoimin 
  • pe teachers competitions 

traffic: meeting with conseil  

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