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Meeting Minutes 25.11.2021

25.11.21 PC meeting 
Apeel meeting:
– Moving in the right direction for the vel’oh station 
– Like the spirit days and want info’s in the future so that they can
communicate to the parents
– Want to support us for S1-3 discos. 
Eco project (EWWR):
– Might be able to do a project with the art department next week.
Venue for Christmas 16+ event
-18th of December
-10€ per ticket,
– decoration set up, would promote event, provide posters, Happy hour, free drink
, DJ , Christmas hats for PC members , 10 until 3 , security , with lux 1 , 300
people , priorities Lux 1-2 
Mental health.
-meeting with school psychologist, plan projects, give feedback from students.
-start filming 2-3 December (spirit day)
-finished the outline, exact writing needs to be done
-Cake sale + spirit day December 3.
– looking into the Bus campaign
– PR posts about career day, merch
– Felix in charge of the hoodies, couples hundred votes already
– PC merch
– Conseil meetings suggestion; more guards at the portal the train

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