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Meeting Minutes 19.10.2020

Topics covered:

• Halloween (30/10): costume restrictions – mask can’t be covered by costume, no dangerous props, nothing offensive

• Sports (swimming): wet hair – let students use dryers (or close windows)

• Health: mental health – develop kind/antibullying day/week nutrition – add health/nutrition/eating habits to the syllabus

• No peer mediation this year

• Sex education: should be improved, especially in s.5, 6, 7 – shouldn’t depend on the teacher (not as important in lower grades)

• School hoodies: printify – eco-friendly hoody costs 40€ (too much), different hoody from Germany = eco-friendly (cheaper) school logo – new logo again this year (keeping last year’s logo for second year), deadline for submitting new logo = 18/11 (after 1-week hols) voting system – 1. vote for top five 2. vote for favorite from top 5 – need a new platform

• Keep hoodies available all year? Yes

• gaming: need to get the Discord, Minecraft, and Among Us servers up and running

• Lux 1 way ahead of us (very bad)

• school buses: only for primary and s1? + don’t show up on Thursday + Friday at 4:30

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