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Meeting Minutes 24.02.2020

PC Minutes for 24/02/2020
Football tournament (planned to be on 28/03/2020)
• Looking for people to play on the girl’s and boy’s teams
o Selection of players?
• Pitch still not ensured
• Hoodies have arrived
o 12 boxes
• Different stands for every color/ color per stand
• Ordering 400 croissants from Paul
• Orange juice
• Theme (Disco & 70s) and potential activities related to it
o Competition to win something (free drink? Best costume?)
o Dance circle
o Champagne
o Key hunt
• Form needs to be signed 16+ (don’t forget authorization from your commune if you’re 16)
• Alumni can buy tickets
• Ex-European School students can too buy tickets
• New food coming out
• New salad bar
• New humus bar
S4 – S5
• Paintball cannot happen because of a limited capacity

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