• Admin Meeting discussed (besides finances):  
  • Chinese foreign exchange students have left 
  • The English section will continue functioning according to the status quo until 2021 
  • (Though this may be upset during transition period) 
  • A new road is being built connecting Route d’Arlon to the school. Only for buses. 
  • They found roman ruins beside the bridge which they need to excavate 
  • Do we need any more bike shelters? 
  • Czech section can happen 
  • Though it is uncertain 
  • Brazil volleyball team received €4500 from the director 
  • Ideas or suggestions to work on with parents 
  • Salting the roads 
  • Being more sustainable 
  • Grass hockey pitch 
  • S1-S3 Disco 13th February: Valentines Theme 
  • Euronight theme: Disco 
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