• S1-S3 Disco 
  • Most likely to be on the 13th (Feb.) though not confirmed 
  • Rose sale 
  • Currently on the 14th though being rearranged to be on the 13th (Feb.) 
  • Secret delivery done by the PC 
  • Bottle and Hoodie sales 
  • Advertising by the administration 
  • Canteen meeting 
  • On the 13th (Jan.) 
  • School inspector meeting 
  • Guess the student – PR 
  • Personalizing PR with videos and pictures – Guess the section / etc. 
  • Upcoming meeting on school finance 
  • Czech section? 
  • Hungary does not accept the European Baccalaureate anymore – information meeting? 
  • Putting shampoo in the showers   
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