• Disco on the 15th went great
  • 16+ party on the 30th of November. Dress code: Red and white
  • S4-S5 event will require a lot of manpower but is manageable. Date TBD

We’ll be working with Lux 1 and currently trying to find a good location.

  • We’ve received the votes for the school hoodies and have narrowed the designs down to a Top 5
  • Hoodie sales will be expanded to the Primary
  • Conseil d’education  meeting  13/11/19

Hollenfels is cancelled for this year.

The administration is aiding an experiment where the S2s have their phones taken away for a day to test their psyche.

Merite Jeunese is back

The S2 trip has been shortened for a day

Possible Veloh station in the near future

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