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Meeting Minutes 21.10.2019

Conseil Meeting:  

 water tanks 

more ecological school 

second hand sale books clothes 

new road built  

walls between showers 

Leisure Meeting 

29th soho or verso slutty Christmas ? 

Promotion if you bring 10 friends u get free dinks for the hole night 

S1-3 15th Neon November everyone dresses up in whiteà neon lamps 

S4 s5 event prom in sale des fete or chateau 

Bac party verso  

15 november verso free beer party bac 

8th soho retro 

Livestream with frithofsen ? 

Next week eco rep meeting 

Csgo turnament still in “construction” 

Hoddies logos are going to be voted on a webpage  

 Ban a student from events who insulted Pc on instargam and  in class?  


Livestream about vandalism people who mess up should also clean up 

People want do see results and blame it on the PC (even if it is actually the administrations fault)  

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