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Meeting-Minutes 30.09.2019

  • Admin board meeting  25/09

EIB will compensate for the pay gap between the locally employed teachers and the ones sent by their country.

New role: Assistant deputy director

Brussels: Successful implementation of Chinese as S6-S7 subject. Potential subject for the Lux 2 School.

A new road planned towards the European School next to the bridge to reduce traffic. Currently in late phase planning.

  • Class Rep meeting still in Salle de fetes with all years before the holiday.  15th of October. Only the primary class rep can come. Anyone who comes past 10:30 isn’t excused from their lesson and cannot come to the meeting.
  • New proposition: Live chat with the class reps of S4 and S5 to develop an idea for the S4-S5 event. The proposition has been respectfully denied.  
  • ID check-ups at S1-S3 discos to prevent older years bringing in alcohol.
  • Meeting with Lux 1 (Leisure, 1 PR, 1 treasurer)
  • Donating old PC hoodies to the Red Cross
  • CoSup Meeting  (12th October)

Marking standards for Gym are considered too high

Written BAC should be able to be chosen as an oral

Issues with construction of curriculum (2p Bio but not 2p Chem)

  • Hollenfels trip cancelled for this year.
  • Auschwitz trip conflicts with the S6 trip since Poland is also a destination for an S6 trip this year
  • Group photo before PC meeting next week (7 /10/)

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