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      Felix Kuhn
      Topics covered: • Halloween (30/10): costume restrictions – mask can’t be covered by costume, no dangerous props, nothing offensive • Sports (swimming): wet hair – let students use dryers (or close windows) • Health: mental health – develop kind/antibullying day/week nutrition – add health/nutrition/eating habits to the syllabus • No peer mediation this year • Sex education: should be improved, especially in s.5,
      Felix Kuhn
      -There will be weekly meetings with the director (conseil members) – Peter – health and security system: Close windows in classrooms (wet hair after gym/swimming)? Maybe open more doors/gates and close others. -Gym classes: Specific amount of people in changing rooms- 5 minutes to change. -Lux 1 installed solar panels, we should try to install
      Felix Kuhn
      -Sports organization/team? Games against other schools? -CoSup meeting: what they discussed. Mental health measures. <Psychologists, more trust. -Raise money for eco budgets. -President talked with Mr. O’ Coimin: No meetings in school. -Corona measures< : Only obligatory thing is mask. Everything else is the teacher’s choice. -Make sure teachers wear their masks. If they never