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This website is used to display up to date information about the school and the work of the Pupil's Committee

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      Felix Kuhn

      S1-S3 DISCO     ⁃ PR can make a tiktok even though it was two weeks ago (we can post it by …


      s1-s3:     ⁃ made 3500€ from tickets     ⁃ made around 600€ for snacks (we shoud round the prices bcs …


       New Presidency elections draft for next year   Come at the latest 4pm for the S1-3 disco   ID checked at the sale and …

      Felix Kuhn

      Pc meeting – 9/11/23  Camelia new COSUP rep, Carlotta Leisure member   Order drinks for the party + mojitos   Free drink (S1-3)   Orange …