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Official Pupil's Committee Website

This website is used to display up to date information about the school and the work of the Pupil's Committee

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      Felix Kuhn

      Football Tournament on the 22nd of May Funny hats Spirit Day 11th of May DJ Tiktok on Spreading kindness on Pink Day

      Felix Kuhn

      Basketball Tournament 16+ Party S4-S5 PROM

      Felix Kuhn

      Conseil Meeting Wall project in preparation We’re suing Sebastian CANTEEN We got an offer for our own professional photobooth Cost about 1800-2300 …

      Felix Kuhn

      Euronight Debrief: Next 16+ (Luxonight) Event Venue Selection: S1-S3 Disco 08th of May Meeting with Risse: 5% Project Deadline to apply to …