Flat Earth


For YEARS upon YEARS, we have been lied to. NASA has been deceiving us all, suppressing our god-given first amendment rights, attempting to herd us into a state of indoctrination unlike anything humankind has witnessed before.

WAKE UP SHEEP: NASA IS HIDING THE TRUE NATURE OF OUR EARTH FROM US!!! What, is the Earth a basketball? I think NOT!!!

Fun fact: NASA has in fact opened secret underground concentration camps in the NEVADA DESERT, where they seek to indoctrinate and murder us TRUTH SEERS against OUR WILL. This VIOLATES our GOD-GIVEN FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to SPEAK WHATEVER WE WANT. BARACK OBAMA HAS SEVERELY CORRUPTED OUR LEGAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, and has allowed OUR HARD-EARNED DOLLARS to FUND NASA in these EFFORTS. Next time NASA comes knocking on MY FRONT DOOR, I shall exert MY SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT and RAIN HELL upon them.

You know why ULTIMATE FRISBEE is less popular than SOCCER, a sport played in COMMUNIST COUNTRIES around the GLOBE? I have an EXPLANATION: BARACK OBAMA and his fellow COMMUNISTS like BERNIE SANDERS and ALEXANDRIA OCASIO CORTEZ have CORRUPTED the SPORTS INDUSTRY and have INTRODUCED a sport played with a ROUND object instead of a FLAT object, all to draw us away from the FACT that the EARTH is IN FACT FLAT LIKE A FRISBEE, NOT ROUND LIKE A SOCCER BALL. DEMS have created DECEPTION TACTICS in order to DRAW us AWAY from the TRUTH about our humble domicile in order to ILLEGALLY WIN the 2020 ELECTION. NOT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!