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Meeting Minutes 16.03.2023


  • Total Tickets for Students: 134
  • 1 left to pick up
  • more tickets coming from MOL and Bergen

Homework Policy

  • Lux1 introduced a Homework policy and we’re thinking about implementing this in our school as well.
  • We’re planning on bringing it up on the Educational Council Meeting.
  • Planning on drafting a plan ourselves.
  • Will be sent to management
  • Aims to set clear guidelines towards how teachers and students have to deal with homework. Focuses on communication between teachers and students, making it as fair as possible for all parties
  • Tests should be announced at least a week in advance.
  • First step: Instagram Poll, to collect requests from students.
  • We need to fight for the changes that we want.

WoW Impact Price (Paint a wall)

  • Prices up to 700 Euros, more info coming soon.

SMS Teachers absences

  • Director of Finance says it will change.
  • Possibly sharepoint as a solution
  • Will be discussed with Ocoimin
  • Might finally exist before I graduate lol