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PC Meeting 8/03/23

Quality of life for students (class absences on sms,  homework policy,  maybe mental health week or smt, fixing the boys toilet in the admin building, putting up art pieces in hallways so they don’t look shit, selling pens and school stuff in the library, more spirit days, ), Football match with Refugees (Ms Di Salvatore, we can sell snack maybe),  Using Apeeel2’s newsletter to get people more involved, Bring anything but a backpack Spirit Day, CoSup PJ Day (30/31th of March), Europe Day Spirit Day maybe, Food sale with food from different countries for Europe Day, Euronight( staff needs to be there at 18, only staff gets access to staff room, no eating in the staff room, food truck, we give out the tickets on Monday for S6 and Tuesday for S7), Luxonight (Den Atelier, 21st April, Ateneé, Vauban, ISL, ML), Suit Up Day (check schedule, 1€ per paper), Water fountains in school.