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PC Meeting 23/11/22

S1-S2-S3 Disco on the 25th of November, another one in February here, Jump box party for S1-S2-S3, S4 – S5 Prom at Melusina, Maybe movie night for S4 and S5, 16+ party only for us in January, Euronight (confirmed Atelier 18th of March), Eco Meeting (5% project, eco group, writing on the wall project, food waste, ecosia as browser), School Merch, Red Day against violence on women, cantine meeting, PC member of month, Christmas Spirit Day in December (All the profits will go to charity. Clothes donation, bake sale, raffle), Christmas Market story, PC Merch (we need a logo for it), Clubs and association project, Photography club, slack channel for clubs.