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09/11/2022 PC Meeting

Euronight 2023 (Options are Den Atelier or Coque) S1-S2-S3 Disco in Lux 1 on 25th of November (3 of us can be staff, Ines, Justas, Ipek), Eurosport 2024 (we have to send the budget, max 1000 €), Second Hand Sale (we get clothes from secondary and primary, and then we donate them to charity), School Merch (contact everyone, including art teachers, hiring a professional designer), PC Merch (designer on Fiverr), Spirit Days (jersey day, Monday 21th), PC Dinner (come a la maison, Mamacita, El Barrio, Maybe not Bobs), Christmas Market (ASF, 3rd and 4th and December, in admin building, we need staff)