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Meeting Minutes 06.10.2022

Admin board meeting: temperature getting reduced (two degrees) to save energy, no teachers absences on sms, possibly water fountains


16+ halloween party: verso didn’t show up to meeting, possible meeting with Melusina (21 of October), or maybe Rotonde?

S1-S3 Disco at Lux 1, start of December

S4-S5 Prom for Valentine, must do on a Saturday (4 or 11 of February)

S1-S3 Disco in our school, not too late in the year

Luxfactor, we want one of our members in the judge panel

Another 16+ party before the BACs

Possibly another 16 + party only for LUX 2

Euronight, we want to fight to have it in Lux, we contact Rockal and Rpotonde and Ultrashell

Sports Tournament in our school

Eurosport 2024 to be held in our school


spirit day (with costume competition) and bake sale (and maybe a photo booth), on the 28th of October



Discord mod application

Possible change of the PC logo

Ideas for Spirit Days: jersey day, white lies day

PC dinner possibly 19th of November

PC picture next Thursday (13/10/22) at 10:20

Tik tok Monday 10:20

Justas is an idiot who gets shushed by Simeon

possibly creating a backstage committee for us (photographers, djs)

PC room keys only for important people


COSUP meeting this weekend, let’s really push for euronight


Complained about cookies, we can go talk to the bakers, half price for food at the end of the day

Vending machines in two more weeks

Sodexo is cheap

Felix complains about my minutes

Anna sucks