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Meeting Minutes 07.04.2022

tmw 16+ party & friedes bday:

  • Staff: tommaso/domi/panos/emily/felix/justas
  • ruben & juree photographer
  • lux1 brings the decorations
  • sell in the 20 min & 10 min break ADMIN


  • euronight (great success)
  • try to make moral a choice subject
  • mental health survey
  • trying to make sign language l4
  • eurosport not happening next year
  • new biology syllabus
  • enrollment of ukrain student 2022/2023

pc dinner

  • 13th of may (l’osteria) at 19:05

Spirit day:

  • wednesday 27th of april
  • TWIN DAY!!! basically group costume

electorial board

  • thursday 12th of may

last pc meeting

  • 18th may

5% project

  • We are late cause o’coimin postpone it after the holiday which would be useless since there will be only two weeks of school