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Meeting Minutes 24.03.2022

ukrain cake sale:

  • Svenia/anna/lina/tommaso/zeynep/mane are baking
  • if anyone else wants to bake you can BUT ingredient list!!

Lux factor:

  • hang poster
  • 100 tickets (3€) we’ll sell them 20 minutes break

S1/S3 disco:

  • 29th of April (ocoimin approved but leisure have to send email administration)
  • maybe with lux1

16+ event

  • 8th april – den atelier (still not sure)
  • theme??


  • relais pour la vie
  • 5% project (poster!!)

april fools


announce limited edition (still need a design)

meeting 02/04 (in situ!!!)

pc merch
create forms for pc to vote

pc photos
fride has to print it
NEW PC PHOTOS 30/03!!!

spirit day!!
twin day/ jersey day