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Meeting Minutes 02.03.2022

prom we could make a tradition! went extremely well

  • monday to thursday
  • monday/wednesday: s7
  • tuesday/thursday: s6
    What we have to do:
  • collect the forms & we have to fill another form out
  • 1 line 2 stand
    quiz questions (which school is the smartest?)
    staff: doesnt need to do much to do but u need to stay semi-sober
    feminine hygiene project :
  • emily sent the email mrs ballaguy (still no answer)
    lux factor:
  • like xfactor for european school
  • lux1 is organizing it and invited us
    black history month charity:
  • woman for scholarship for other black woman (based in sweden but
    provides for every woman in eu)
  • post on social media
  • collection: pain killers/ pads/ underwear
  • need to have a plan & poster
  • we need to advertise it
  • ocoimin can find a room for all the things
  • organizing for the 15th of march
  • Maybe we can donate to 2 organization
  • later on do a cake sale for donation
  • ask school to put the ukraine flag
    five percent project:
  • try to lower by the percentage of usage of electricity/paper in school

after euronight:  

  • – Scarcity Marketing for the Merch
  • – limited edition hoodies
  • – give away / sell bottles
  • – PC MERCH!!!!