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Meeting Minutes 09.02.2022


  • bake if u can ( if u have free in p2 can help set up) 
  • mane is bringing gloves 
  • text chanelle for any suggestions of romantic songss 


going to get  

  • website on april 
  • Mailboxes in all schools 
  • Posters archives 
  • Posters about cosap 

trying to make  

  • groupchat with all students from the same year of the different schools 
  • sign language in the syllabus  
  • school more eco friendly  
  • connection with aluminum europea 

Talked about:  

  • cosap gaming (march) 
  • Euronight (april) 
  • pe back not organized (different grading system in all schools) 
  • new syllabus  
  • s7 normal back (oral back and written ones) 
  • If no inspector or teacher knows the subject the teacher is gonna be there 
  • bruxelles school over population (come late to class because too many people in the corridors) 
  • going to be more strict about sms  
  • trying to get an expert in IT for each school 
  • py day march 1st 


  • In melusina 
  • On sunday 27th of february (17:30/21:30) 
  • Snacks not included in the ticket but available at the bar 
  • 3 free drinks (not achoolic drinks) 
  • tickets still deciding price 
  • dress code (very formal)  
  • dj (liam & marcel) 
  • Pc members who arent S4/S5 have to do covid check & alcohol check & maybe coat room 


  • In casino 2000 (april 2/ april 9) 
  • 16ish€ per ticket 
  • Problem = far awayy!! (shuttle buses)  
  • strictly 18+ (not sure it’s an issue) 


  • ballaguy: send to all parents link to the website+ poster+ little text 
  • limited edition hoodies in 1/1.5 month 
  • much more marketing on social medias 


  • fight for the room! 
  • hang poster right next to peer mediation room 
  • Redecorated, organize it and make it cozy  


  • price tag for cake sale 
  • Decorations for cake sale 
  • poster for peer mediation room