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Meeting Minutes 03.02.2022

Pc minutes 03.02.22

Conseil :

Class rep’s points o coimin 

Painting school; cannot be S6 -7 art project, maybe other projects; play and learn 

Nurse language barrier; asked for an assistant, maybe a survey (insta) if it’s a wider problems, 5/13 had a problem with the nurse (in PC)

Cafet lines; lines organized today

Rose sale.

secret delivery, Tomorrow is last day, buy the tags for the roses , Friday morning put the name tag on the roses , about 40 delivery’s , we could do after school , or Wednesday after PC meeting , delivery Friday the 11th , hand the money to mms do Salvatore 


 expensive, rid of the finger food, open bar, 27$ per person, 700$ loss? (Sell for 25 and cover 2 euros loss) Have to sell 100 tickets, we can to prom for 25, no food, open bar, maybe sell food outside the venue. Starts at 4 ends at 8 

Euro night.

need to send the official demand, try to get the Saturday, lux 1 annoying, we need to send the euro night document 


 Nestoras angry , ocoimin suggested to have small room downstairs ,maybe accept the small room , room could be ours kind of fast , peer mediation bad 

Spirit day.

 should we do spirit day? Bacomm want to do spirit day so S7 might not participate, cake sale instead, Valentine’s Day cake sale, skip carnival

twin sprit day for march (suggestion)

Black history month; 

Profit from cake sale , valentines cake sale for BHM , working schedule ( cake sale + roses )

Other :

  • Treasurers send email receipt for feminine hygiene 
  • Be real for pc members ( download if you want )
  • Posters in the bathroom 


Dress code; fancy/ elegant, one in the city l’osteria , 17 people