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PC Meeting Minutes 25/01/23

Canteen meeting- ines is maaad, no one showed up
PR- canteen promotion on social media
School clubs- pr asking on insta

  • tiktok promotion for the 16+ plus!!

Cherif gonna contact kevin(eco rep last year) for wall project

Events yay :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
–10 feb traffic light disco at schapp  500 people capacity
we buy 10 euros and can sell for 15 and make 5 euro profit (no free drinks included)
Same dj as prom, schapp takes care of security cloakroom, so basicay everything
Tickets are in person (unlimited amount of tickets)
Leisure- maybe traffic signs as decoration

Stamp-card for schapp– cards for schapp entrance where you get stamps everytime you enter, the pc makes a 2euro profit off of each entrance, the entrance price drops to 8 euros fpr students and we just need to promote schapp

–s1-s3 disco, ticket sale online, principal teachers for each class gives out the tickets in person
Decorations(?) Letters like prom… valentines theme

–17th feb carnival spirit day + photobooth
Spirit day idea by ines- freaky friday

–rose sale- pr promotion! :rose::rose:
On the 14th of february
The money should be given before the 8th by the class reps in front of the library
For secret delivery–> name, class, period they want the rose to
We will do a timetable for who has free periods to deliver the roses

–14th of february valentines bake sale
B(c)ake sale form
Whos bakingg??