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Meeting Minutes 06.01.2022

Welcome to the new PC member!!!

Class rep meeting 10/01

-Friede email Toussaint to know if it’s possible (it will be Tuesday at 18:00)

-Talk about the Rose sale for Valentine’s Day (Fairtrade Committee – Mrs Di Salvatore) (Siméon ask for more informations about it)Christos from Instagram

-European schools’ students be more involved in Luxembourgish society (meeting on Sunday with PR, COSUP; Chanelle, Ines, internal)Prom

-Hotel Park Alvisse?? Meeting soon

-Justas contact Euronight

-No Euronight if we don’t find a venue

-Find a venue for 1000 people and cheap

-Coque? Kockel?

-Lina and Emily contact16+ party

-January 28th at BBC
-200 max

-Ask for permission to stay after 11pm to be able to have more space (so more people)
-Sanitary measures
-3€ autotest or bring your own (have to do it at bbc) –> or 2G+
-KICK PEOPLE OUT if they are not 16 or we don’t like them <3
-Price issues with LUX1
-Free entry drink (beer)? –> see if it’s still up
-“Happy New Beer” ?
      Happy New Year
-Ticket price and timeSpirit Days
-White Lies
-Carnaval (HUGE – music, decorations, piñatas, games, bake sale) –> 25/02/22Feminine hygiene products
-Find supplierMismatch Day
-Siméon contact O’Coimin for the spirit day
-Write a text about Mismatch day and send it with the poster to APEEEL2CONSEIL MEETING
-New one
-find good arguments why we need more workersICT
-Avatars of people in quarantine
-Faster connection to computersNext conseil meeting on the 25thEco Rep meeting on January 12th at 5pmPCTV
-Deadline on January 17thMore TikToksCanteen + water fountains (where vending machines are)
-u know
-email Risse about water fountainsReally slippery somewhere so we want warning signs (or put a GoPro and have fun watching people fall)