Hi everyone!

This is a quick page to explain the different forms for Euronight 2020, which will be hosted in Luxembourg! This is only for ESL2 students, and of course, everyone will need an ID that night.

17+ Year Olds

This year it is extremely simple. All you need to do is fill in this form and bring it in when you buy the ticket! Even better, if you’re already 18, you can just sign it yourself!

16 Year Olds

If you will be 16 at Euronight, you need:

  • Two copies of this form, the parental, authorization, and rules, one for when you buy the ticket and one at the door of the club
  • One copy of this form, which can be quickly and easily asked for at your Commune (not needed if you live outside the country). This will be needed at the door.

And that’s all.

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