Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 25.11

• Lorenz is voted in to the leisure committee – replacing Sophie

• 16+ Party – Naughty Christmas Melusina from 10 to 3 AM o Pre-Sale Tickets cost 12€ o Box Office Tickets cost 15€ o Free shot for the first 200 People o Bring ID

• Meeting w/ MClub about Euronight being on March 7th

• S4 and S5 Prom: Asking for the help of the APEEEL2

• S1/S3 Disco

• CoSup Meeting Brussels:

Question regarding S6 2P Winter Compos

S6/S7 P.E. standards being too high

• Class Representative meeting needed

• PC and Global Issues collaboration on plastic bottles

• School Hoodies:

Informative Posters coming to Primary

Payments are going to be tracked by credit card

Design #5 won the vote

Colors: black, white etc. (potentially sand, light-blue, pink)


Football Tournament¨

CS:GO Tournament

2017/18 pictures need to be printed

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 18.11

Meeting Minutes 18/11/19
• Disco on the 15th went great
• 16+ party on the 30th of November. Dress code: Red and white
• S4-S5 event will require a lot of manpower but is manageable. Date TBD
We’ll be working with Lux 1 and currently trying to find a good location.
• We’ve received the votes for the school hoodies and have narrowed the designs down to a Top 5
• Hoodie sales will be expanded to the Primary
• Conseil d’edcation meeting 13/11/19
Hollenfels is cancelled for this year.
The administration is aiding an experiment where the S2s have their phones taken away for a day to test their psyche.
Merite Jeunese is back
The S2 trip has been shortened for a day
Possible Veloh station in the near future

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 11.11

Minutes for PC meeting 11.11.2019
• Approving the new PC website that was just made- what to put up
• Educational meeting coming up for Conseil on Wednesday – about trips, classes, school events, curriculum
• Discussing how to organise the S1-S3 disco – snacks, drinks, decoration
• Hoodie designs – we chose the 5 top to put up for voting
• S1-S3 disco – to already book rooms for next discos?
• Trying to make reusable bottles- uniting with global issues?
• Discussing the organisation of the 16+ party – to decorate, ticket prices…
• Putting someone in charge for the organisation of S4-S5 events